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"The idea is to spread knowledge to as many people as possible as quickly as possible.  " - Juan M. Gonzalez

    I have chosen these topics because I think that they can be of great benefit to many who need them. There is so much information on the web that only benefits a small percentage of people who use computers. Not everyone is a expert nor do they need to know the things an expert knows to make use of a computer in daily home life, school and at work. Computers, and the software that is run on them, have a transformative capability. They give you the opportunity to be more efficient, productive and to reach a much larger audience if you so desire.


    Like many educators. I did not plan to travel the path which led me to building this website. When I started college, I thought that I would get my degree in computer science and go start a computer hardware repair business somewhere. I worked as tutor in was in college. While I was there, I saw the many struggles of students who were trying to get homework done for their classes but did not have the skills required. Many of them had problems writing a paper with a pen never mind writing that paper on a computer using word processing software and then getting that paper to the professor via email or uploading it to an online class. Doing math homework on the computer is a nightmare when you barely even know how to log into the website. I tried to help every student I met with any problems they had using, understanding, repairing and even purchasing computers and the software needed for their classes.


    After I graduated, I went to work at that same college in a faculty technology support role. I was tasked with helping the faculty learn to incorporate computer technology in the classroom as well as conduct workshops to train faculty to use the online learning management system. This was very challenging as many of them were being required by their departments to use software and hardware as teaching tools and they had no idea how to use them. To make things worse, faculty was to train students to use the technology they were not yet comfortable with. It was a bad situation. I was asked daily how I could be contacted for further training outside of the college.

    When I began teaching remedial math to high school grads and college freshman, as well as older students, I tried to incorporate computers as much as possible. Later, I taught computer literacy to older students who repeatedly asked if I had a website. They were so interested in using computers for day to day tasks that it motivated me to find a way to help them acquire the knowledge they needed to do so effectively.

    This website is the answer to the many requests for further help.